Inch by inch - may the taller candidate win?

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 3.25.28 PM.png

Hillary Clinton is 5'5" tall.

Or maybe she's 5'7" tall.

Does it matter? Perhaps - especially since the taller candidate has won the majority of U.S. presidential elections over the past century (check out this infographic from the NY Times.)

But what's interesting about Hillary - according to a Washington Post article - is that she could be defying biology (and gravity) by getting taller through the years. As Jay Mathews reports in the Post, the Clinton campaign gave Hillary's height as 5'5" during the 2008 elections. But recently, "U.S. News, Politico and, and of course the venerable, and even my colleagues on The Washington Post political blogs " have reported Clinton's height as 5'7". That said, "Most of these outlets, though, cite one or the other as the source of Clinton’s stature, if they cite anyone at all," noted the Post.

Will getting taller give Hillary a lift in the polls? Pay attention to the data and you'll find out.