Who is the most digitally effective president?

Source: instartlogic

Bernie Sanders may not be leading in the polls. But he is ahead of Hillary when it comes to digital effectiveness - at least according to instartlogic, which published an infographic comparing the leading Democrats and Republicans.

As anyone who follows @realDonaldTrump knows, the way that candidates use digital media and data can have a huge impact on their success. Here are a few things to think about as you watch the race for the White House:

  • Does a Tweet (or Snapchat or Vine) from a candidate carry the same weight as if they said the same thing on Meet the Press?
  • How are the candidates analyzing data about you in order to improve their chances at the polls? (This Washington Post article about Obama's 2012 campaign is an interesting read.)
  • Does a robust social media platform help endear candidates to the journalists covering the election?
  • What is the best way to measure a candidate's digital effectiveness?
  • Can a candidate's use of data make you feel differently about his or her positions on the issues?

So, how do you think data will influence the next election? Feel free to share your comments.