Inside Self Storage World Expo

John will be keynoting the Inside Self Storage World Expo this week in Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday morning.

OPENING SESSION: Self-Storage and ‘Everydata’: Recognizing the Misinformation Hidden in the ‘Little Data’ You Use Every Day.

We are constantly bombarded with data. How do you know if it’s reliable? The constant barrage of information can make it difficult to analyze the pieces—the good, the bad and the ugly—that are critical to your business decision-making process.

In this insightful opening session, our presenter will show you how to recognize the misinformation that’s buried inside the “little data” we consume all day, every day. You’ll not only get an engaging and easily understandable overview of basic statistical-analysis techniques to assist you in making decisions around your self-storage investment or operation, you’ll hear examples that are specifically relevant to facility ownership and management. Join us for this powerful presentation and get the tools and confidence to be smarter and more discerning in your approach to data!