Chipotle by the numbers

Photo credit: ApartmentList
Photo credit: ApartmentList

Dylan Grosz at just earned our vote for intern of the year by ordering 35 burritos from Chipotle over the course of two weeks.

Why? For science, that's why.

What he found out warmed our data-loving hearts: you can get 86% more burrito FOR FREE by following his six tips, including ordering both kinds of rice, getting a bowl with tortillas on the side, and (our favorite) asking for half of each meat (which gets you 54% more meat!).

You can read all about the experiment on the ApartmentList blog, including Grosz's "methodology." And yes, we use that term loosely here, although we are pleased to see that Grosz went to the same Chipotle at the same time each day, had a "control burrito," and took an average weight across five burritos.

Well done, Dylan. Well done.