The Shaky Statistics on the Myth of the Holiday Weight Gain

Every year, we see a glut of stories in the media debunking the myth of the holiday weight gain.  The general narrative is one of disbelief that the average holiday weight gain is 5 to 10 pounds (see for example, this SF Gate story) and that the majority of weight gained by the average person in a year is gained during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Graphing Calorie Intake with...Food!

Source: Ryan MacEachern
Source: Ryan MacEachern

In this brilliant series of data visualizations titled design x food, Ryan MacEachern reports various metrics of his food consumption graphically using... FOOD!   I was very excited to randomly find this pop-tart calorie graph on-line when searching for infographics, which led me to the beautiful colored bean chart used to report fat and protein content.  These visuals are a truly striking and creative illustration of everydata.   The full presentation can be viewed hereRyan's other data visualization projects can be found on his behance page.