Selected Speeches

Dr. John Johnson has given speeches on the power of data to a wide range of audiences—as a keynote speaker at industry associations, at private business retreats, on college campuses, and in many other settings.


South Carolina Council on Competitiveness

As part of the Transform SC Conference, Dr. Johnson addressed business leaders, policymakers and teams of educators, representing multiple school districts from around South Carolina.


Consumer Electronics Show

As part of Gary’s Book Club, Dr. Johnson was interviewed about the volume of data we encounter in our every day lives.


02 Lab

Dr. Johnson spoke to a business audience of marketing and branding professionals about the influence of data on consumers.


Chief Legal Counsel Association

Addressing a group of in-house attorneys from Fortune 500 companies, Dr. Johnson explained the role of data in litigation and how he explains complex statistical concepts to juries.


Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas

As part of his participation in the Arkansas Literary Festival, Dr. Johnson had the unique opportunity to speak to several groups of students at historic Central High School in Little Rock about common data tricks to avoid.