Blog posts

A few things to keep in mind with posts on the new blog:

Under the content tab

1. Try to have an image at the top (so the image shows up in the grid view)

2. Resize the image so it’s no more than 500 pixels wide (otherwise it messes up the newsletter)

3. Add tags and categories for each post (right under the main blog entry window). Tags are fairly arbitrary. Categories are a drop-down based on audiences - but feel free to add more.

Under the options tab

4. Add an excerpt (this is the description that shows up in list view). The excerpt can just be the first sentence or two of the post.

5. Change the author to John from the drop-down menu (the email newsletter includes the author - not sure how to override that - so just make them all John for now)

Under the social tab

6. Share with Twitter

7. Share with LinkedIn (JOHN - this is up to you)

Pop-up boxes

  • Through LeadPages (LeadBoxes)
  • Mike and Mary Prime have login info
  • When someone enters their email address, it automatically sends them a link to the sample chapter (or whatever our "lead magnet" is) and puts them on the mailchimp email list