EVERYDATA: Understanding the Data You Consume Every Day At Work

This talk can be customized by functional area to focus on the specific types of data a particular group works with most.

The reality is that most of us are not trained as data experts or statisticians — but many of us are required to make data-based decisions in our jobs on a daily basis. Sometimes these decisions are small, while other times they can be costly. Think about the faulty market analysis that results in a significant capital investment, or misinterpreted production data that causes a product to be dramatically under- or over-priced.  Or, the analysts at NASA who excluded critical data points about the operation of O-rings that resulted in the fated Challenger shuttle flight. In this address, Dr. Johnson works with your audience to understand what conclusions can (and cannot) be drawn from the data you routinely work with and what questions to ask about the data so you make better, fact-based decisions.    

Audiences: Broad based. Any organization, association, functional team, or group that routinely makes decisions based on the data they receive. This includes businesspeople- (human resources, marketing, production, or finance professionals), journalists, policy-makers, lawyers, doctors, educators, students, and parents.

Categories: Business, Big data, Risk management, The Information Age, Technology, Future Trends, Change Management, Human Resources, Economy and Finance, Campus and University, Media and Journalism as a start